How to play PUBG using a VPN?

So, many of you must have been astounded by the recent news about PUBG shutting down it’s servers in India, leaving most of it’s fans heartbroken.

On 2n September 2020, considering the online security of the citizens, the Indian government banned 118 Chinese apps including Tiktok, CamScanner, WeChat, and PUBG. These apps were accused of violating it’s customers privacy and data collection policies.

While the players were still able to play PUBG by downloading .apk file from external sources even after the ban, after yesterday that won’t be easily possible.

Earlier this month PUBG was rumored to partner with Airtel or Jio to bring it’s services back.

But yesterday, 30 October 2020, PUBG announced on its official Facebook page that it’ll be shutting down all its servers in India, ending the only last hope of Indian players.<img>


While PUBG may have shut down its servers in India, there’s still a way for Indian players to fight for the Chicken Dinner once again.

and that is by using a VPN..

Now wait, before you go, I know many of you will think that VPN will increase the ping/latency of the game leading to a bad game experience, but let me assure that’s not the case (at least not with PUBG mobile).

To explain it more, let’s dive into the details.

 Note: Playing PUBG mobile is banned in India, this article doesn’t promote playing of the game. This article is for Informational purpose only.

So, first you’ll need to understand how exactly a VPN works.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN acts as a middleman between you and the server (in this case the server is PUBG). When you play a game you send and receive some amount of data, this data passes through VPN’s server before reaching it’s destination.

Meaning, when you perform some action in the game (shooting, jumping, etc.) you send some data to the Game server, that data first lands into the VPN network, and then the VPN further transmits that data to the game server.

In the same fashion when the Game sends you some data back, it first lands into the VPN network then reaches to you.

Now, when you play PUBG using a VPN (let’s assume you’re connected to USA), then PUBG will show insanely high ping (400ms-500ms) in the Asia region.

And this is because the PUBG’s ping values are not real-time.

When you play PUBG in Asia region, while connected to a USA VPN. PUBG will think that you’re located in USA and it’ll calculate the distance between Asia and USA (which is more than 10,000 km) and show you an estimated ping.

But in reality, you’re located in India, the PUBG’s server (from where the game will be hosted) is located in Asia (let’s say Bangladesh) and the VPN network from where the data will be passed is located in India too (let’s say Mumbai).

So when you’ll start playing PUBG, the game’s data will be hosted from Bangladesh, will land into the VPN network located in Mumbai, and from there the data will reach to you. The whole long distance between India and USA is not even involved, so you’ll get the same ping as you were getting before.

But hey, there’re maybe few VPN’s that doesn’t work in this fashion, and there’re also some VPN’s that are really slow while gaming.

So, here’s a list of VPN’s I’ve tested myself that works perfectly with PUBG.

#1 Windscribe (Free and Paid)

The reason why Windscribe is at the Top of this list is because it’s Free.

Windscribes free version comes with 10GB bandwidth / month (i.e. you can use 10GB of data / month while using VPN). Now obviously, for a hardcore gamer that won’t be enough. So it allows you to upgrade your plan anytime you want, starting from as low as $1.

Windscribe offers an option to build/configure your own plan, in which you’ll be only charged for the Locations you use.

And most importantly, you can get some additional discount on your VPN purchase if you create an account using the below link.Get Windscribe VPN

#2 Surfshark (Paid)

Surfshark is another impressive paid VPN that have servers in more than 50 countries. It also offers 30 day trial which you can cancel anytime. I have already tried Surfshark and it works great with online games like PUBG.

Features of Surfshark VPN:

✓ Unlocks Netflix, Hulu, Disney+
✓ Very low latency while online gaming (PUBG)
✓ 30 day trial, Cancel anytime.
✓ Affordable price.Get Surfshark at 20% off

#3 Cyberghost (Paid)

Now, if you’re a bit familiar with VPNs, you must have heard about the name Cyberghost. This VPN has more server locations than any other VPN in consideration.

Cyberghost has a total of 5900 servers, while other major VPNs like Express and Nord only have 3000 and 5000 servers respectively.

Along with large number of servers, cyberghost also offers speed and reliability. Cyberghost’s blazing fast servers keeps the latency to minimum, so that you get the same Gaming experience as you get on a normal Internet connection.

Features of Cyberghost VPN:

✓ Unlocks Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more.
✓ Very low ping/latency while online gaming (PUBG)
✓ 45 day trial, Cancel anytime.
✓ Maximum Server locations.Get Cyberghost VPN now

#4 Namecheap VPN (Free and Paid)

Namecheap has been an awesome Web Hosting and Domain registrar since past many years. Recently they have also started their own VPN service. And in our PUBG mobile test Namecheap VPN turned out to be pretty decent.

One major positive point about Namecheap VPN is that it’s really cheap – starting at just Rs.62 / month.Click to Get 1st month Free at Namecheap

#5 Express VPN (Paid)

Now this VPN doesn’t need much explanation. Express is the leading VPN provider around the globe.

In our VPN speed test for PUBG, Express VPN came at the top in terms of performance.

Features of Express VPN:

✓ Unlocks Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more.
✓ Works exceptionally well with PUBG
✓ 30 day trial, Cancel anytime.
✓ Best Performance.

Express VPN is known for its fast speeds, reliability, and 0 latency while gaming. However this VPN can be a little expensive for most peoples.

But to make things easier, I am sharing a deal that’ll give you 3 month free on your Express VPN purchase.Get 3 months Free at Express VPN

#6 Nord VPN (Paid)

After Express VPN the next best best VPN you can think of is Nord. It has servers in over 55 countries including India.

For someone who want blazing fast performance without having to buy an expensive VPN like Express VPN, can choose Nord without a second thought.

In our PUBG test, Nord VPN performed astonishingly well, providing the same game experience as you get without using a VPN.

Features of Nord VPN:

✓ Unlocks Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more.
✓ Very low latency while online gaming (PUBG)
✓ 30 day trial, Cancel anytime.
✓ High Performance.

Nord VPN’s pricing starts with $5 / month, but you can grab it for just $3.71 / month by following our offer.Grab Nord VPN at 26% off

#7 Private Internet Access (Paid)

Now comes the VPN that is trusted by many Security and IT professionals. Private Internet Access is not only providing VPN services for more than 10 years, it also has the largest number of server than any other VPN. As of 2020 Private Internet Access has over 15,962 servers, leaving every other VPNs behind.

However, Cyberghost still beats Private Internet Access in terms of most Server Locations.

Why people use Private Internet Access:

✓ Unlocks Netflix, Disney+ and more.
✓ Very latency while online gaming.
✓ 30 day money back guarantee.
✓ Blazing fast Performance.

If you decide to go with Private Internet Access, then I have an amazing deal for you:★彡 DEAL of the day 彡★
Grab Private Internet Access at 78% off + 3 months free

#8 Proton VPN (Free and Paid)

Last but not the least in our list is Proton VPN. The major benefit of using Proton VPN is that it’s Free plan doesn’t have any data / bandwidth limitations.

In our VPN test, performance of Proton VPNs free plan was average, while it’s paid plan performed exceptionally well.Get started with Proton VPN for free

While you can always use many free VPNs for gaming, paid VPN plans provide additional benefits and better gameplay experience.

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