Best Proxy websites [2020]

Have you ever wanted to protect your online privacy or access some restricted content without the need of using a VPN?

Proxy Sites does the same thing as a VPN – masking your IP, but both of the has a very different approach in doing so.

VPN vs Proxy (Whats the difference?)

The main difference between VPN and Proxy is that a VPN provides protection against Hackers, Govt./ISP surveillance, while Proxy doesn’t.

A VPN also provides you end-to-end encryption of all your traffic (from your device to the destination website), but a Proxy server only masks your IP but doesn’t provide any encryption.

A VPN also prevents your from potential hackers on public Wi-Fi networks, but a Proxy doesn’t.

Best Proxy Websites – Free


One of the best Proxy service provider, hands down. also offers VPN service.

#2 ProxySite

Another very popular proxy service with more than 20 servers. It works seamlessly with many popular social networking sites like Reddit, YouTube, etc.

#3 HMA

HMA (HideMyAss) is both a VPN and proxy server. It has 6 servers in US and Europe.

#4 Hidester

Like other Proxies, Hidester also has its servers across US and Europe, this proxy works decent while online streaming and browsing. In Addition, this proxy also offers 128-bit encryption.

Hidester offers both Free and Paid plans.

Best Proxy Websites – Paid

#1 Smartproxy

One of the best Proxy service in the market, Smartproxy has over 195 servers and its plan starts from $75/month. It also works very well with YouTube.


  • Works with all social media websites
  • Offers SEO Proxy
  • Fast and Reliable Speeds
  • Also offers a browser extension.

#2 Oxylabs

Another most popular and reliable proxy service after Smartproxy.

Oxylabs has servers all over the world, making it one of the most reliable proxy service provider.


  • Works with all social media
  • Good customer support
  • Lot of locations to choose from
  • Reliable speed

#3 Luminati

Luminati is known for its excellent service at cheap prices. Luminati has over 72 million IPs to choose from, most of which have fast and reliable speed.

Luminati also offers support for many proxy protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.


  • Large number of IPs
  • offers pay as you go pricing
  • Supports SOCKS5
  • Reliable speed

#4 Rsocks:

Rsocks offers over 3 million IPs that refreshes regularly. The thing we liked the most about this proxy is that it has a VPN service included in its plan. Meaning, you don’t need to pay for a VPN separately.

It also offers a mail optimized proxy, which can be beneficial for people who runs mass email campaigns.


  • Include a VPN
  • Offers Free Proxy
  • SOCKS5 support
  • Reliable speed

Do you need a Proxy or a VPN?

It depends on your usage, if you’re looking for a solution to unblock streaming services (like Netflix), you should go with VPN. But if you need an IP to run email campaigns, browse restricted content/website, etc. a Proxy server should be enough.

However a VPN offers more security than Proxy, as I explained above.

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