Best Password Managers with Autofill support

Storing Passwords can be a headache for most of us. People sign up for new services daily, and every time you create a new account, you have 1 more password to take care of.

To avoid this headache many people uses same password on multiple sites, which puts them in even more danger, because if anyone of those sites gets hacked, all your accounts will be at risk of getting compromised.

At this point, using a password manager can be real convenient.

So, How to choose a perfect Password Manager?

A good Password Manager must fulfill these conditions:

  • Have strong encryption
  • 2FA
  • Sync between devices easily
  • Separate vault for your sensitive details
  • Supports passwords autofill

#1 Nordpass


An excellent password manager that supports many security features. It supports XChaCha20 Encryption, which is considered as futuristic encryption algorithm and is used by many Top-tier brands.

NordPass also supports 2FA to add an extra layer of security to your passwords. It can be synced between different devices easily and provides separate space for different kinds of details (passwords, credit card, secure note, etc.).

Some notable features of NordPass:

  • Store Credit Cards — NordPass lets you securely store your Credit Card details for faster access during online payments.
  • Secure Note — A place to store all your private notes or any other sensitive information.
  • Personal Info — For storing your personal info.
  • Data Breach Scanner — This feature scans the web to find if any of your passwords/credit card details has been leaked.
  • Password Generator — Generates strong and unique passwords for you.
  • Password Sharing — Allows you to share you passwords easily and securely.

Also, Nordpass doesn’t limit you to the number of passwords you can save (i.e. you can save as many passwords as you want).


Apps: Windows Mac Android iOS | Linux
Browser Extensions: Chrome Firefox Edge Opera | Safari

Pros / Cons:

 Advanced Encryption algorithm

 Easy to use

 Offers a free plan

 only 500mb data / day.View Deal

Nordpass is available for many different operating systems, as well as browser extensions.

#2 LastPass


Now the most downloaded Password manager on Google play and App stores.

LastPass makes use of AES-256 bit encryption, which is considered to be Military Grade Encryption algorithm.

LastPass also provides various security features like: 2FA, MFA, OTP, etc. It can also be easily integrated with many third party authentication apps, including Google Authenticator.

One notable feature about LastPass is that it has different category for different types of passwords (like: Wifi Passwords, SSH Key, Bank Password, Memberships, and what not).


Apps: Windows Mac Android iOS | Linux
Browser Extensions: Chrome Firefox Edge Opera | Safari

Pros / Cons:

 Lots of features

 Strong encryption algorithm

 Offers free version

 Automatically change passwordsView Deal

#3 Dashlane


Dashlane is another most trusted Password Manager in the market. Dashlane uses 256-bit AES encryption and also comes bundled with a VPN.

For someone, who’s looking to keep their Online identity safe along with a robust Password manager, Dashlane is a good choice.

Some Another security features that Dashlane offers:

  • Password Generator
  • Secure 1GB storage — Encrypted storage for your important data.
  • 2FA support — Integrates with many authenticators.
  • Dark web monitoring — Scans dark web for leaked login details.

Dashlane’s Free plan allows you to store up to 50 passwords, and offers some basic security features like: 2FA, Password Autofill, Security Alerts, and 30 days of Premium trial.

In Dashlane’s Premium plan you can store unlimited passwords on unlimited devices + you also get access to Premium VPN.


Apps: Windows Mac Android iOS
Browser Extensions: Chrome Firefox Edge Safari

Pros / Cons:

 Cost Effective

 Decent Reviews

 Offers 1GB cloud storage

 No Linux app (but can be installed as browser extension)View Deal

#4 1Password


This is the most user friendly password manager with lots of robust security features.

  • Watchtower — It monitors spammy websites and dark web to check for your breached login details.
  • 2FA — 1Password has built in authenticator and it also integrates well with many third party 2FA providers like Google Authenticator, Yubikey, etc.
  • Firewall Rules — You can create rules to allow/restrict logins from certain countries, IP addresses, and more.
  • Sign-in Report — Failed or Blocked login attempts.

1Password offers a Family Plan which can be used on 5 different devices / users. And you can add more users by paying extra.

This password manager doesn’t offer a free version, but you can use this link for a 14 days free trial.


Apps: Windows Mac Android iOS | Linux
Browser Extensions: Chrome Firefox Edge Opera | Safari

Pros / Cons:

 Notifies you of failed login attempts

 Sync between devices easily

 Offers advanced security features

 No free versionView Deal

#5 RoboForm


If you need a simple and cheap password manager with all the major security features, you should choose RoboForm.

RoboForm’s pricing starts from $16/year.


  • AutoFill — Autofills passwords for you.
  • 2FA — Integrates well with all major Authenticators.
  • Password Generator — Automatically generate strong passwords for you.
  • AutoFill online Forms — Fill your personal details in online forms in single click.
  • Emergency Access — You can use this feature to access your account, if you lose your Master Password.
  • Good Customer support.


Apps: Windows Mac Android iOS
Browser Extensions: Chrome Firefox Edge

Pros / Cons:

 Cheap and Secure

 Fills forms automatically

 Offers Free plan

 Doesn’t allow you to sync between devices in free planView Deal

#6 Bitwarden


Bitwarden is an open source password manager with lots of security features and AES 256-bit encryption. Being an open source software makes it the most trusted Password Manager in the market.

It integrates easily with all major authentication apps, and allows you to share password with other users.


  • Open Source.
  • Secure Encryption.
  • Allows you to store Passwords offline.
  • Encrypted Storage for you sensitive files.


Apps: Windows Mac Android iOS
Browser Extensions: Chrome Firefox Edge Opera

Pros / Cons:

 Decent Reviews

 Cheapest password manager

 Sync easily

 Not very easy to useView Deal

Is using Password Manager safe?

Using a Password Manager is certainly more safer than using same passwords everywhere, or writing passwords on a piece of paper. And most of the password managers use 256-bit encryption, which is virtually impossible to hack by an average human being.

Disadvantages of Password Managers:

One disadvantage of Password Managers is the Malware in your device. If there is a Malware in your device (where your password manager is installed) then it can easily record you Master Password using key logger.

But this can be prevented by using a good Antivirus Software along with a Password Manager. Read our article on Best Antivirus Softwares.

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