Best free VPNs of 2020 [updated]

Free VPN has been the most demanded topic of 2020. As more and more people are starting to work from home, the amount of daily Internet users is increasing, and so is the demand of VPNs.

People use VPNs for many different reasons, some use it to protect their online privacy, some use it to bypass ISP and govt. restrictions, some also use it to prevent ad trackers and recaptchas. However, a free VPN is most unlikely going to serve the 3rd purpose.

While you can always go and buy any premium VPN (Express, Nord, etc.), most people don’t like to waste money on things they rarely use.

So, here I am listing few decent Free VPNs, that can easily serve your needs.


Hotspot shield has been the 1st choice of many Internet Users in 2020.

Supported Devices: Windows Mac | Android | iOS

Pros / Cons:

 Decent speed and Reliability

 Can Bypass many restrictions

 only 1 server.

 100% Free

 only 500mb data / day.View Deal is the 2nd best option in terms of speed, reliability, and is also our personal recommended choice.

Supported Devices: Windows Mac Android iOS

Pros / Cons:

 High security & reliability

 Can Bypass many restrictions

 only 1 server.

 10GB data / month

 only 1 device allowed.View Deal



TunnelBear is another secure VPN owned by McAfee. It’s only downside is that it comes with a limitation of 500MB data / month in Free plan. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime.

Supported Devices: Windows Mac | Android | iOS

Pros / Cons:

 20+ servers

 Can bypass many restrictions

 only 500mb data / month

 Backed by McAfee

 not suitable for heavy internet users.View Deal

Many of you may have already heard about this VPN. The reason why this VPN is so famous is because of its reasonable data cap (10GB/month) and lot of servers across the Globe.

Supported Devices: Windows Mac Android iOS | Linux

Pros / Cons:

 10GB data/month

 Inconsistent/Fluctuating Speeds (Only on Free plan)

 3 different locations on Free plan

 Can’t unblock major streaming servicesView Deal



Proton VPN offers unlimited data in its Free Plan with a cap on Internet speed. Proton VPN is worth considering for someone who doesn’t use a VPN very often.

Supported Devices: Windows Mac | Android | iOS | Linux

Pros / Cons:

 3 different locations

 Unmetered Bandwidth

 Unreliable speed

 Highly Secure

 not suitable for heavy internet users.View Deal

As the name suggests Speedify is a Free VPN with a very decent and consistent speed, but it only allows 2GB data/month. So, this VPN is really not for someone who uses VPN for streaming and gaming purposes.

Supported Devices: Windows Mac Android iOS | Linux

Pros / Cons:

 Very consistent speed

 Only 2GB data/month

 only 1 free location

 Not good for streaming and gamingView Deal


Is Free VPN worth it?

Free VPNs may not be reliable for heavy Internet users, but for someone who only uses VPN occasionally, a Free VPN might be a way to go. But again it depends on what are you using a VPN for, if you need a VPN just to bypass your ISP restrictions once in a while, it’s good. But if you’re looking for privacy and security, a Free VPN will never serve your needs, as many Free VPNs are often accused of selling their users data.

Best paid VPNs to consider?

  1. Express VPN
  2. Cyberghost
  3. Nord VPN
  4. Surfshark

Here’s a complete list of Best paid VPNs of 2020.

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