Protect your device against threats with these best in class Antivirus Software

Security is big deal for everyone, weather its a Working Professional or a Student.

Even a small vulnerability can get you in kinds of troubles (like Login Credentials leakage, Adwares, Compromised systems, etc.)

A simple Google Search will give you an unending list of best Antivirus softwares to choose from, and it may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, I know it is.

Every Antivirus company claims to be the best in the market, but it’s your Job to check what Antivirus Software actually cuts the standard.

What features a Good Antivirus Software should contain?

Any Antivirus should contain at least these features to be able for consideration:

  1. Schedule Scan
  2. Online Security
  3. Network Protection
  4. Cost Effective

Here I have compiled a list of some Antivirus Softwares that I think are best in the market.


The most robust Antivirus solution available today. ESET NOD32 takes care of everything from Scheduled scan, Password Protection to Online Security.

This is the antivirus that we use ourselves on our work PCs.

ESET also has an Android app that comes integrated with extra features like Call Filter, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Theft, and App Lock.

Supported Devices: Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

Pros / Cons:

Scheduled Scans

Password Protection

Good Reputation

Online Security with Phishing protection

Complicated Interface

#2 Malwarebytes

Another most popular Antivirus software in the market. Malwarebytes gained it’s popularity by providing Robust security for completely Free. However, they have switched to a paid model some time ago.

Malwarebytes provides protection against Spammy Websites, Malwares, Ransomwares. It offers Schedule Scan feature which scans your device automatically at specified time periods.

In addition, Malwarebytes also provides VPN service in it’s Premium+Privacy plan, that you can use to protect your online anonymity.

Supported Devices: Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | Linux

Pros / Cons:

Good Reviews

Trusted by many security professionals

Contains Free VPN service

Cost Effective

#3 Norton 360

Norton is one of the oldest and most trusted security brand. Now, as the name suggests Norton 360 offers complete protection for your device.

Norton 360 offers Real-time online security, Password Manager, and Free VPN service.

This Antivirus also offers some additional features which you won’t usually find in any other VPNs, like:

  • 100GB cloud storage ‒ To automatically backup all sensitive files, folders, documents, and media.
  • SafeCam ‒ Prevents unauthorized access to your Webcam.

Supported Devices: Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

Pros / Cons:

Scheduled Scans

Password Manager

Free VPN included

Real-time Security with Phishing protection

High resource usage

#4 McAfee

Now, you all are familiar with this name. McAfee isn’t as old as other Antiviruses, but it’s one of the most Trusted Antivirus of 2020.

Like Norton, McAfee also provides Real-time protection, Password Protection and VPN.

Some Notable features of McAfee:

  • McAfee web advisor ‒ Provides protection against Malicious sites and phishing attempts.
  • Identity Theft Protection ‒ Prevents credit card details theft.

Supported Devices: Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | Linux

Pros / Cons:

Good Reviews

Trusted by many security professionals

Contains Free VPN service

Intelligent Malware detection

#5 Bitdefender

Bitdefender is another top-notch Antivirus that is in the market for 20 years. Bitdefender is well known for its ability to detect Malicious scripts that many other major Antivirus Softwares can not.

It is also the #1 recommended choice of many blogs.

Another point to consider in Bitdefender is that it offers a service called “Home Scanner” which scans every possible IoT device in your home for vulnerabilities (as long as they’re on the same network).

Bitdefender also offers a Free edition, for people who’re looking for Free Antivirus option. However I always suggest to use a paid version for better security.

Supported Devices: Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

Pros / Cons:

Excellent Features & Reviews

Cost Effective

Up to date scan algorithm

Network Monitoring

#6 Intego (Mac only)

Intego is an Antivirus software available exclusively for Mac devices. This Antivirus is designed by keeping macOS in mind. So, if you’re a Mac owner, this is the Antivirus you should go for.


  • Scheduled Scans ‒ Scans for antivirus automatically.
  • Network Monitoring ‒ Prevents your Mac from unauthorized access.
  • Firewall.
  • Hotspot protection.

Intego’s pricing starts from $69/year, but you can grab additional discount by using this link.

Supported Devices: Mac

Pros / Cons:

Focused for Mac devices

Trusted by many security professionals

Scans Home Network for vulnerabilities

Advanced Malware detection algorithm

Should I choose a Free or Paid Antivirus?

There are many Free Antivirus available in the market which can provide basic security features. However if you are serious about your security then a Paid Antivirus would be a better choice.

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