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Cliche Millennials is a blog primarily aimed towards those who want to set themselves loose from their daily 9 to 5 routine.

Cliche Millennials was my Dream. I’ve always wanted to start a blog and in June 2020, I finally did it.

In this blog I basically cover all the ways by which an Individual can be self-employed. More than 70% of this blog is based on Blogging (WordPress, SEO, Affiliate, AdSense and related stuff) because that’s what I love and also what I am mostly good at.

Each every blog post is my own creation by my own experience and knowledge.

I named this Blog as “Cliche Millennials” because I wanted something unique (like really unique). So, “Cliche Millennials”.


I am an engineer by education with Computer Science background. My major is “Web Development”, so I am a Web Developer. I was also a freelance writer before I started this blog. Now, I try to dedicate all my time here.
I  hope you guys like this blog, irrespective of the unique (read:  weird) name😄 .

That’s all..

Rishabh Singh